Pray for Joey Cronin

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Joey Cronin

Joey is a 12-year-old little boy in Corpus Christie, TX who was rushed to the hospital a few days ago.  He was having an asthma attack and his parents gave him an injection of EPI-pen and called 911.  He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and stabilized before being transferred to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, where he went into cardiac arrest.

As usual the doctors gave the family “no hope” and wanted to do the Apnea test.


Joey has proven to be a fighter. “Over the next four or five days, he continued to improve,” said Joey’s dad.  “He actually seemed to be making some progress toward recovery.  He was moving; he was opening his eyes.”  During a bedside test ordered by the hospital to test his brain function, medical staff squirted water into Joey’s ear canal with a syringe, and he flinched, a clear response that you are NOT brain dead.

Joey’s neurologist was encouraged by his progress, and told the family that his responsiveness was “a very positive sign.”  He said that while Joey’s reactions were slow, the delay could be easily explained by the high doses of medication he was receiving.

This case is similar to the Jahi McMath case, the 13-year-old declared legally dead by hospital and government officials despite having a heartbeat – young Joey Cronin’s fate is in the hands of hospital officials who insist that he is “brain dead,” although he showed signs of brain activity during the test they ran in a failed attempt to prove it.

There is another hospital in TX that is willing to take Joey Cronin and treat him.

Pray for Joey Cronin

Definition of Irreversible ComaThe family is asking for prayers and that Driscoll Children’s Hospital will keep him on life support until he can be transferred and all the insurance be worked out. They are also asking for people to make calls to the hospital on Joey’s behalf.Charlie Johnson reported on his blog a short while ago that the family has received a temporary restraining order to stop Driscoll Children’s from removing life support as the family finds a hospital to move him to.

What the family is going through is horrible and I can so relate. It happens every day in hospital’s all across the nation. Brian death is NOT true death.

Please pray for Joey and call Driscoll Children’s Hospital ask them to do EVERYTHING to protect and preserve Joey’s life.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital can be reached at 361-694-5000 (main switchboard) or 361-694-5662 (Public Affairs).


Organ Donor Found Not Quite Dead

SurgeryThe phrase “not completely brain dead”, like “not completely pregnant”, has a Monty Python-esque ring to it. But it is the way the Daily Mail described an alarming organ transplant incident in the German city of Bremen.

Doctors in a hospital in Bremen had already made an incision in the abdomen of a man who was presumed to be dead when they discovered that the deceased donor was still alive according to organ transplant protocols.

The operation was immediately terminated – and the brain-damaged patient died. The incident is being investigated by the German Medical Association.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung (the source for the Daily Mail) was told that “it is quite possible that the man’s brain was so damaged that he would not have been able to return to a normal life, but as long as he was not properly diagnosed as brain dead, nobody knows.”

The article above is published by and under a Creative Commons licence.

Here are excerpts from the original article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung German Paper  If you go read it there, just translate it to English at the top of your browser.

My takeaway’s from the German article which unfortunately happen’s here in the US but goes unreported.

Critics warn some time: The brain death diagnosis is uncertain

The case proves once again what critics have long admitted: The diagnosis of brain death is not secure enough in Germany. Doctors are not sufficiently trained in how they determine the loss of brain function in a patient correctly. So it always comes back to errors.

Especially terrible was the idea that a patient whose brain still shows residual activity may suffer the pain of surgery and organ removal as opposed to a brain dead.

Did he know he was going to have his organs harvested but couldn’t show anything to stop the doctors? Did he feel pain when the doctors sliced into his abdomen? You do know by now from reading my blog that anesthesia is NOT used

Perhaps the man in Germany felt the way Christina Nichole Thornsberry, did when she was paralyzed in a hospital in Spokane,WA where she stated on her blog, 

“Don’t cut me open — don’t hurt me! Let me wake up!.” While doctors hovered over her bed… discussing organ donation, Christina Nichole could hear every word they said – and their conversation terrified her.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away

And he said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:21

This scripture is from the book of Job. Job lost everything that we value, his livelihood, his wife, his children and yet…he was able to say, “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away;blessed be the name of the Lord”.

There are times in my grief journey where I wish I could be more like Job. I have spent a lot of time reading the Book of Job  the last 3 years. It has brought great comfort to me…and hope.

The journey

This is the first year I have spent at our home since Jamie, Lillian and Mike went on ahead to heaven. Last year we were in Paducah at my brothers house and the year before that in Washington, D. C with Mike’s brother. Last week I fell getting out of the bathtub, (yikes) and injured my hamstring muscle so there was no way I could be driving anywhere.

A few days ago my oldest daughter Christa asked my youngest son Andrew what kind of pie he wanted for Thanksgiving and he said, “I really don’t want to do Thanksgiving, Christa.” About that time unbeknownst to me I hollered downstairs and ask him the same thing. Christa said he just dropped his head to his chest.

I miss my family and the way things were. Yea, I know God is in control. Yea, I know that they wouldn’t come back even if they had the opportunity. But, it is still hard and a very different life.

When you lose someone who you love and we have lost 3 in the last 3 years, your life as you knew it is forever changed.

I’ve always been really into holidays, all the decorating, preparing,celebrating and for close to 30 years that was my life. People talk about the need to find a “new normal”. Is that possible or is it just pretending?  People have asked me, knowing I have a strong faith if I am mad at God. The answer to that is and has always been NO.

I am not mad at God, He is Sovereign over the earth and heavens and His plan is always just and right.

Be ThankfulThankfulness

I am thankful for my the many years I had with my husband, son and the 13 weeks I had with Lillian but……..from my vantage point it was not long enough.

Would it ever have been?

I am thankful that I KNOW I will be reunited with them someday and THAT someday will not be 70 or so years but eternity. When I focus on an eternal perspective and all that my loved one’s are experiencing in heaven, I am at peace. Tonight however…when the house is too quiet…the missing them is front and center of my emotions. It causes me to be sarcastic, “yea right a new normal.”

I would like to say to those of you reading or following my blog to enjoy the chaos while you have a chance. Raising our five children we had a lot of chaos in our house. As Mike use to say even when they were little, “when you have a family this big, someone is always having a bad day.” I have used that expression many times as our family travels along this road we call grief.

Someone is always having a hard grief day.

Hug your kids, call you mom, don’t let the sun go down on your anger towards anyone. It is just not worth it. Tell the people you love that you love them while you have a chance. Don’t “assume” they know that.

I am grateful for the many people who have walked along side this journey with us. Who have loved us when we were unlovely. Who have understood our need to grieve and be alone together.

Tonight I pray for peace for Michael Brown’s family they have lost their son. I also pray for Officer Darren Wilson’s family. They are both suffering.

I pray for all of our soldiers who are away from their families and who will also have empty places around their Thanksgiving table.

Be grateful even in the midst of your circumstances.

I miss you Jamie and Mike and Lilly Bear.

We all do!

The Reality of Drug Addiction

This is a  Post by DrMike Gramps Stollings. He is the father of Jeramie Stollings who died earlier this week from a drug overdose.
It has been shared on Facebook over 22,000 times. I have left it un-edited or corrected.
Mike Stollings son dead from overdose lets take another look at how fun drugs are…………… this is my son about an hour after the funeral home got him late monday afternoon. when he died he had been bleeding out of his ears and had blood in his hair and foam in his mouth. they were kind enough to clean him before we got there. his body was ice cold from being kept in a refrigerator. my cold dead son. father of a 10 month boy. grandson to 3 living grand parents. step-brother to 2. half brother to 3 son to 2 living parents and a step parent that helped raise him since he was a young child. all completely devastated. well little asher is too young to know what is going on but will live his life wondering what it would be like to know his dad. as many of you know jeramie was pretty open about his relationship with LSD. he was a little more quiet about his love for Dextromethorphan. despite the begging and pleading from me and many others in his family he craved the trip and was obsessed about it…………look i know that not everybody that takes drugs is going to die from it. but many do. jeramie thought he had it under control. he thought he was smarter than the drug and had more control than the drug. now he is in a refrigerator in a funeral home in englewood. now people are in transit from all across this country to say their final goodbye’s. now my family has to spend over $5000 in funeral expenses. now i will never be able to hike with him or ride dirt bikes with him. he will never be able to take his son camping………….those of you that use just for a little fun here and there. you don’t have to use but you like to party a little. think for a second about how there are those around you with larger mental issues. like jeramie, he was carrying some mental baggage that even i can’t comprehend. by partying with these people you encourage them and enable them to do it to use drugs as an escape. that is the every last thing people like this need. these people need actual help. these people need encouragement to heal in healthy ways. they need to feel genuine love and uplifting encouragement not encouragement to get high again. think about the influence you have on these people. think about the path of destruction being left behind…….people, learn from this. help make something positive from this tragedy. walk away from this lifestyle. find someone that loves you and ask them for help. don’t let this become you. don’t do this to your family. use our pain and anguish. learn from it. turn to someone you love. get help. if you do not have some you think you can turn to message me. i’ll do all in my power to help you. it’s not too late to save yourself and your family from repeating this horror. believe me when i say you do not want to experience this and you do not want your loved ones to have to experience this anguish.
In a live news report on WHIO, his father shared the reason he spoke our about about his son,”I did it out of grief and guilt, and a feeling that it is his fault his son is dead.”“I’ll spend the rest of my days on this earth racking my brain trying to figure out what I should have done differently,” he said.

Jeramie stollings Over dose a year ago.The reporter said, the photos have been reported to Facebook.

Let’s get real

The media will not report on drug overdoses. I am sure they are trying to protect the privacy of families on the cause of death during their time of horrible grief.

But, what if families gave their permission?


What if the reality of what how drugs harm you was more widespread?

Living in Saline I know several families that have lost children to drugs. Heroin is an epidemic in Saline, Washtenaw County, Michigan and nation.

The same thing happens when reporting on brain death. You NEVER read about it in the U.S. Most of my success stories written about on this blog are from European Countries as they will use the term. I have learned to read the paper like this: Accident happened on Friday, pronounced dead on Monday or approximately 3 days later, brain dead.

I respect his parents for coming forward to share about their son’s death as a result of drug abuse. I know it was hard, but his mother stated she has been comforted by the people who have shared their stories and the encouragement they have received.

Their reason for doing so was to expose what is the reality of death by overdose. The post has gone viral with over 22,000 shares. It has hit a nerve with people. They are very courageous people.

I will pray for them that they will be comforted. I will pray for them that they will not blame themselves.

As they say in Al-Anon, “you didn’t cause it, you can’t control it and you can’t cure it.”

Addiction is a disease.

As his dad said, his son thought he had it under control. He did not. No one does.


***Jeramie’s father gave permission to post far and wide and that is why I am sharing.***

7 Days In October

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Three years ago, you left planet earth and went home. Missy and Jamie Caulk

I know where you are, that is not the problem.

I am happy for you because you are experiencing what we only hope to experience…no more pain or sorrow.

You are happy, and at peace, and I know that.

You are with dad and “Lily Bear”.

Most of the time, I cope with missing you, but on days like this…dealing with the pain of loosing you is excruciating.

People say you left too early.

But did you?

Is our God not Sovereign over all?

Isn’t there a time to be born and a time to die ?

Aren’t the days of our life numbered?

Paul said to die is far better, but that is so hard to understand from a mom’s perspective.

I miss your laugh, your jokes, your texts, hearing of your goals in life, your questions…even your fears.

I have come to realize that there are thousands of moms who have gone through the loss of their children, I read and hear their stories in groups I participate it.

I have doubts and questions still…

I read of people who recovered after they were pronounced “brain dead” and I rejoice that they woke up.

I read of people who had strokes, and I know there were things that could have been done to help you but were not.

We were only told it was a “tragic, devastating injury and there was no hope… a catastrophic injury.”

I know now your brain was swelling and I know they didn’t “try” any of those things, I know they wanted your organs. I am still grateful that we learned enough in our short time in the hospital that brain death was “not” true death and I am thankful we did not let you be cut up while your heart was still beating because life was still in you.

I know we saw tears run from your eyes.

I know your arm moved in a deliberate manner not a spinal reflex.

I know we saw blood flow. “Well, we expected some blood flow” said the doctors yet the doctors didn’t tell us “that” only that it was a confirmatory test. Little did I know they were looking for a confirmation to back up their claim of “brain death” and not to see if you had blood flowing through your brain.

Because…there was blood flow.

I saw it.

The radiologist tech saw it.

Your medical records read, “not confirmatory for brain death.”

“Because the life of every creature is its blood.” (Lev.  17:14, cf. Gen. 4:10, 9:4-6, Deut. 12:33, Acts 15:29, Rev. 16:3) the scriptural focus for life in the body is not the brain but rather the blood. Once the blood fails to reach the cells and members of the body they promptly die.

I asked for an EEG to see brain waves, but we never got that either. Apparently that test was dropped after the Harvard criteria because when they tested it in Minnesota and found brain waves in patients they decided it would “be too confusing for family members” who they had to convince their loved one was dead.

I know that when a person is pronounced “brain dead” and recovers that the doctors in the US blame, “how the tests were done” and not the fact that brain death is a lie to get vital organs from a severely damaged person to pass along to someone who has a better prognosis.

Jamie 3 years todayI am sure you heard us as we prayed for God to wake you up. Where you scared when you heard the doctors discussing this in your presence? Did you hear the organ requestor pressuring us to give them your organs?

Where you afraid?

Did you like many other patients pronounced “brain dead” hear the doctors telling us this?

I tried to keep them out of the room but many didn’t care because they already thought of you as a corpse.

Did you think we had given up on you?

We did not.

I feel guilt constantly because we didn’t move you elsewhere,  in order to give you more time for the swelling in your brain to go down and to see if you could recover…in any capacity.

It is hard to fight “the system and protocols” set up in hospitals.

We were so uninformed at the time.

Now we know.

Jamie, I have been doing my best to educate people on the medical, legal fiction of so called “brain death”. I know it is helping from the emails I have received from people revoking their organ donor status and I am grateful for that…and yet some don’t know or want to believe it  and until they are faced with the traumatic decision and pressured by the Organ Procurement people are clueless what to do.

Life is life, not quality of life, or production in life but LIFE. Only God gives life, only He has the authority to take it away, not doctors who decide to give your life for another, no matter how altruistic and noble it sounds.

Christopher Reeves, lived on a Ventilator, what was wrong with that?  Look what he accomplished?  Research into spinal cord injuries.

Jamie, I would have taken care of you regardless of your condition, I suspect most families robbed of this choice would have too.

It is not about quality of life, it is about who is the author of life and who has the authority to take it away.

Not me.

Not you.

Not the well-meaning doctors.

God is the author and finisher of life, the Alpha and the Omega.

Life on earth is a dot.

But eternity is a ________(long line)________________________________________________________ lasting forever.

My heart aches for you, to touch you, hug you and talk to you.


One day we will all be together again and never say good-bye.

Until that day, I will fight the good fight, I will finish my race and then I will come home.

Until that day…know I love you and miss you and long for that day.

I am thankful I have video’s of you, songs you wrote and sang and I can hear your voice.

I still have a long way to go as I travel this journey called grief…the loss of a child.

I have no choice but to travel it, learn from it and hopefully help others.

And in those moments of greatest darkness, I will love you with an everlasting love. Again and again. (Jer. 31:3)

By faith he made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country. For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God. Hebrews 11:9-10.

Jamie Caulk quote:

My friends, you can paddle to the island where you can live a free life doing just like I did. Now my advice is just live like Christ lives, just one taste of Him

I’ll bet you’ll like it. He’s better than ANY of them vices I DID, now I wish he could live behind your eyelids – Jamie Caulk