Cold, Dead and Stiff or Brain Dead ?

June 11, 2013 — 1 Comment

Cold, dead and stiff or brain dead?

  • How can dead children continue to grow?
  • How can dead people still move? 
  • How can dead women still deliver babies?
  • How can a person called brain dead still have blood pressure, urinate, have temperature rise and fall? 

They are not dead.

You are not dead, until the soul leaves the body.

This is a great teaching on it from the Catholic perspective.

It is 26 minutes long but well worth the time to listen to it, while playing around on FaceBook. If you don’t want to listen here is the transcript.

“These types of organ donor patients are not dead. They’re alive. And healthy vital organs are taken out of organ donors in accordance with the common legal practice of medicine, the donor is killed. Is killed. These new definitions of death are nothing but lies. They’re lies from the person standing behind this culture of death, lies from the one whose a liar and a murderer from the beginning.”

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