Fighting for Justice…Holding On

March 6, 2014 — 1 Comment

Holding on til’ the day I see it all..fighting for justice.

Jamie Caulk Today is my son Jamie’s birthday. The third one he has spent in heaven.

For those that don’t know, Jamie died from injuries sustained in a car accident in Nashville, TN on October 20th, 2011. He was pronounced “brain dead” on the 16th, then it was overturned, and they did more testing.

A blood flow test that showed he did have blood flow in his brain. After the blood flow test, which was given to him as a confirmatory test the doctors said, “Oh, we expected to see some blood flow”.

Well they sure didn’t tell us that before the test.

We were up against a system, a protocol and doctors who gave us no hope. We were fighting for our son’s life and time. We were denied that.

We were hounded by Organ requestor’s from the time Jamie was in a coma.

Parental Rights

The last couple of months I have been very involved in parental rights issue’s. This is why I support Nailah Wakefield the mother of Jahi McMath to keep her daughter Jahi on life support and Jessica Pelletier’s family to get her out of Boston Children’s Hospital and back to Tufts Medical Center where she was being treated successfully for Mitochondrial disease.

Nailah WinkfieldI know, not in my head but in my heart what these parents are going through.

Yes, the cases are different in Jahi’s, Justina’s and Jamie’s situations but all of them are similar in that the medical care of each child was stripped from the parents with no respect for the parent’s love or concern for their child. (interesting all 3 J’s)


Sometimes tragedy leads to a new perspective for those involved. We see it time and time again, people become involved in a fight for justice because of the pain they have endured. Think of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. This act came out of the kidnapping and sexual molestation of John Walsh’s son, Adam. Good out of evil.

Justina PelletierMy prayer is that the tragedy of holding Justina Pelletier captive for 13 months will become Justina’s Law. This law would give parents the final say in the medical decisions of their child. It would prevent a child being caught in the middle of two different hospitals opinion’s or in what the parents believe is the best course of action.

No one thinks about any of these hard issues’ until it effects your family personally. When it does it changes everything…forever.

Justice for our children

I will keep fighting for parents rights to be granted for the education, health and protection of their children.

No government, regardless of how well-intentioned it might be, can replace the love and nurture of a parent in the life of a child. Parents care, not because their children are “wards” for whom they are responsible. Parents are willing to brave danger and sacrifice, hardship and heartache to ensure the best for their kids.

Jamie Caulk 30th birthday

I miss you Jamie, every second of every day. I am holding on til the day that we finally see it all. I wish you were here today to celebrate your 30th birthday. But, I will honor you by fighting for the children of whom injustice is occurring in the nation.

I will support parents because “I get it.”


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