Grey’s Anatomy Show Disgusting

April 15, 2013 — 12 Comments

Grey’s Anatomy show was disgusting

Grey's Anatomy TV showThursday night I had TV turned on to Grey’s Anatomy, it use to be a TV show I didn’t miss but the last two years I have not watched it much.

I was thoroughly disgusted by the show Thursday night. In the show a doctor with ALS wanted to die so he could donate his organs. He was alive and talking to his parents and family.

Doctor April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew on Grey’s Anatomy spoke up, “We do organ donation after brain death, you are not close to brain death.”

His mother smiled and spoke up, “He is doing DCD, donation after cardiac death.”

“Welcome to my funeral,” he said.

Dr. Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh on Grey’s Anatomy commented, “so what…he knows what he is doing and they are perfectly good organs we may as well use them.

The patient is wheeled down to the OR and his parents are there. They turned off his ventilator and let him die.

Then with his distraught mother crying over him they had to push her out of the room to begin the transplants.

Dr. April Kepner frantically says, “you have to go or this would have all been for nothing.”


They neglected to say in Grey’s Anatomy that in a real transplant they would have resuscitated him so that the  organs could be used. The organs need oxygenated blood to survive and be used in someone else.

Parents or loved one’s can not be in the OR, they say good-bye in the patients room and then the patient is  wheeled down to OR where the vivisection (from Latin vivus, meaning “alive”, and sectio, meaning “cutting”) begins.

What occurred on Grey’s Anatomy was a glorified assisted suicide. He chose to die.

In 1806 German physician Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland wrote, “ It is not up to the doctor whether life is happy or unhappy, worthwhile or not, and should he incorporate these perspectives into his trade…the doctor could well become the most dangerous person in the state.”

Hufeland’s point was that the ethics of medicine are a good indicator of the moral health of society and then when medical practice is corrupted, society is soon to follow.  Culture of Death, Smith Wesley, page 37.

Think about THAT for a moment.

Most people don’t think about death, they avoid it.

Only when confronted with a health care crisis involving a loved one do they come face to face with the the monster called hospital protocols, futile care acts and the vultures behind the Organ industry in America.

Donation after cardiac death

Donation after Cardiac Death has been around since 2007. Some names it is being called are Non-Beating Heart Beat Organ Donor, (NBHOD) Donation after Cardiac Death, (DCD) and being proposed is Death by Circulatory Death. Circulatory Death is death defined as the irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions.

Is it irreversible when they resuscitate you within a few minutes to harvest your organs? 

Regardless of what they call it, you will be approached as we were, “we understand you want Jamie’s heart to stop beating before organ transplant?”

No you are not getting his organs in any way shape or form, now please leave his room, can’t you see, we are praying over him?”

“Critics, however, call DCD ghoulish and raise the specter of transplant surgeons preying on dying patients. Doctors, nurses and bioethicists who hold this view fear the medical system will give up on potential donors in their final days or even possibly speed their deaths by giving them anti-clotting medication or other organ-preserving drugs, which could hasten death.” Washington Post, Rob Stein, 9/13/07

It’s just TV

Do I dare say that many American’s adopt their values and belief’s from TV? Yes I will say it because unfortunately it is true.

I  cried when watching Grey’s Anatomy, because I felt the mother’s anguish when her son died.


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12 responses to Grey’s Anatomy Show Disgusting

  1. Michele Kamleiter April 15, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Whoa. They revive the patient after ‘death’? I didn’t know this. So the family is most certainly not allowed time with their loved one afterwards.People NEED to know this.

  2. I agree Missy, so much of our society is built on what we see on TV. Its like we don’t even question the motives or information passed through that medium. My wife never had TV or cable growing up and we are strongly considering dropping ours when we have kids. TV has a way of glorifying awful situations. Where do these writers get their information and who influences the content on the network programs? I feel like I’m being brainwashed every we watch the main networks.

    • Well I have no idea but it seems they would get the information from people called to speak on the subject.In the case of Organ donation it wouldn’t be hard. I also watch Monday Mornings a TV show from Sanjay Gupta’s book, which I read. The first or second episode showed a transplant surgeon pressing an Internist to call brain death because he needed the organs. He was called before the Monday Morning meeting and it ended with him saying we do make mistakes, but we also do a lot of good. I sure wouldn’t want to be one of those “mistakes about brain death” or know anyone that was.
      Now it has soften.

      • Missy, I’m sure learning a lot from you on this unfortunate subject. Things I had no idea about. I’m very grateful to you for informing people about this. It’s abolutely horrid and I can’t believe I was ignorant about organ donation and I’m sure the general public is too. Thank you so much for sharing. Although I still don’t know your entire story I’m so sorry for what you went through and still are going through. It just makes me want to weep.

  3. Unfortunately, I watched it too. I think I’m done with that show, which is the only thing I ever watch. It has gotten disgusting in several ways. I’ve got much better things to do with my time! It makes me cry when I think about how you were treated after Jamie’s accident. I was relating your story to my girlfriend in Chicago this weekend and shared your “How to get off…” link with her.

  4. Grey’s Anatomy used to be a show i watched all the time. For some reason, the last year or two, I’ve not watched it much at all. I am SO glad i did not see the episode you wrote about Missy. I struggle still over this same issue from personal situations in my family, and reading this post really made my eyes water and my stomach churn….

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