Why Were Kendrick Johnson’s Organ’s Stolen?

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Why were Kendrick Johnson’s organ’s stolen?

Kendrick Johnson was found dead in his high school gym with his body inside a wrestling type mat. The investigators thought he had crawled into get his shoe.

The distraught family who know their son very well, didn’t believe that. They ordered a second autopsy and his body was exhumed this summer. The private pathologist found that all of Kendrick Johnson’s organs…every one of them including his brain were missing.

This young man was a three star athlete. He lived with his mother and father in Valdosta, Georgia. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which conducted the autopsy, told CNN that it returned all of the organs to the body before sending it to the funeral home for burial. Yet the funeral home director wrote in a letter to the Johnson’s that he never received the organs.The funeral home says the body came with no organs.

Can you imagine?

Now why would a funeral home NOT report this at the time the body was taken possession of at the funeral home? The horrifying thing is that young Mr. Johnson’s body was stuffed with newspaper.

When forensic pathologist Bill Anderson received Kendrick’s body before performing a second autopsy, all of Kendrick’s internal organs — including his brain, his heart, and his lungs — were missing, as first reported by CNN.


CBS News

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More detail’s of case can be read pretty much everywhere.


As a mom who buried her son, my heart is breaking for this family. I simply can’t imagine the pain they must feel, first loosing their son, burying their son, exhuming their son and then finding out his organ were stolen and his clothes gone.

Something is fishy in Georgia.

I am praying for the truth to come out, and comfort for Mr. and Mrs. Johnson…no parent should have to endure this horror.

Why do you think Kendrick Johnson’s organs were stolen?

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