Murder Redefined…Brain Death is NOT True Death

June 30, 2014 — 1 Comment

Murder Redefined….Brain death is NOT True Death

Everyday across America and the world people are dying after their organs are taken. NOT before.

In order for your organs to be taken you must have a beating heart and your lungs must be working. The old definition of death is the cessation of circulatory and respiratory. Since 1968 it has included the brain. Brain death was invented in 1968, INVENTED not done by scientific studies at all.

A person in a coma, is alive but unresponsive. They are only checking the responses found in the brain stem. The are not checking the cortex of the brain, which is the largest part of the brain.  Testing the brain stem or the part of it they test, they are testing the reflexes. THE ONLY function of the brain stem they are testing is the part to take in a breath. They are not all the functions they are testing, they are only some the reflexes .

The brain stem function that is tested is to take IN a breath. All the other tests on the brain stem are reflexes, shinning the light in the eye, or putting cotton in the eye. They test 5 or 6 of the brain stem not the other 14. The patient has to SHOW THE DOCTORS LOOKING that they have the reflexes and functions. If they don’t show them then that is the SIGNAL to have their heart cut out.

Now here is an injured in a coma, and they are asking them to breathe on their own, and blink when cotton is put in their eyes.

UAGA ( Uniform Anatomical Gift Act) allowed people to give their organs. But, they had to be given after death. In 47 states changed the words after death to NEAR death. Near death is alive. It presumes everyone wants to be an organ donor.

The ventilator pushes air in the lungs. The living body pushes the air out. It only substitutes for the part of the body to breathe air in. If a cadaver was hooked up, air could and would send air in, but it could not breathe air out.


They are truly dead.

Brain Waves

Why don’t they test for brain waves? The Harvard criteria allowed it. In 1971 in the Minnesota criteria it was disallowed completely. Electrodes are put on the patients scalp, it records the brain activity. Same thing with my son Jamie, they did a sonogram, it showed blood flow, the report said not confirmatory for brain death. Did they change the diagnosis from brain death?

No, they said they “expected to see some blood flow”.

Did they tell us that?


Go ahead and ask the doctors to check for brain waves, if you have a loved one in a serious accident and pronounced brain dead. The hospital will say NO.

While organ donation can be a gift of life and a worthy goal, a civilized society must not allow the deaths of some people to be manipulated to obtain organs for others. We must demand transparency from organ transplant organizations. Nancy Valko, RN. 


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