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Today makes one year since the death of my husband, Mike Caulk.

Mike Caulk 1 year collage

Anniversary’s and holidays are especially difficult because you miss them so much more. You mind reflects on what you wish you had said, not knowing it would be the last time you spoke to them.

I don’t want to relive those thoughts of that day, as I have written about it here, should you want to read. I know Mike is doing fine and happy and at peace. He is with family and friends he is experiencing what those of us here who believe in Jesus and the Resurrection only long and hope for. He is seeing what those of us here can only imagine and hearing what those of us here will one day hear.

Life is a continuity

What we experience here on earth, our mind, our will and our emotions carry over into our next life. We are not a discombobulated spirit’s floating around on clouds with harps and looking like angels.

We enter our new life with all of our thoughts, memories, and personalities that we had living on planet earth. And yes our deeds.

When we arrive at Heaven’s gate we enter in not because of what we did on earth, but because of what Jesus did for us. It is His blood and righteousness that covers us and welcomes us in. We don’t get in because of our good deeds contrary to what many people think.


When we get to heaven we will be judged according to what we have done on earth. Some people have referred to this as a life review. One of Jamie’s friends mother died. She was pronounced dead after a motor cycle accident and that is what happened to her. She said, Jesus held her and showed her, her life in a loving way…like a video or a life review.

Do you think Jesus get’s mad at us?

I don’t.

I think his judgement is wrapped in love and we now have the clarity of mind to see, how we should have behaved or handled each situation. I believe he shows us that in love.

My husband use to say, God IS love, He is not just loving. That is hard to grasp but Love is His nature not something He just does.

Luke 12:2-3 says that “Whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in someone’s ear will be proclaimed on the rooftops.” When I read that it use to be scary to me, that someday everything I had done or said would be exposed. But, now that I know God and His love, I understand that it is done in love, not judgement. Yes everything we have done and spoken will come to the light of day, and we will be sorrowful for those things, but he will wipe away all the tears and sorrow

Tim Keller, said in one if his fabulous sermons, “In the worlds finale, at that moment of Eternal Harmony, something so precious will come to pass. It will justify every ounce of suffering. Everything sad, will come UNTRUE, and yet the Resurrection will be even Greater for having once been true.” 

Wow, let that sink in.

So today we are sad but someday everything sad will come untrue.

I miss my husband everyday as do my children, he was such an amazing, giving person who gave completely to his family. And yet we know that our time on earth is short and eternity is forever. We will all be together living on a Resurrected earth enjoying each other and all of God’s creation that He intended when the world began.


Caulk family at Andrew’s graduation.