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The Reality of Drug Addiction

This is a  Post by DrMike Gramps Stollings. He is the father of Jeramie Stollings who died earlier this week from a drug overdose.
It has been shared on Facebook over 22,000 times. I have left it un-edited or corrected.
Mike Stollings son dead from overdose lets take another look at how fun drugs are…………… this is my son about an hour after the funeral home got him late monday afternoon. when he died he had been bleeding out of his ears and had blood in his hair and foam in his mouth. they were kind enough to clean him before we got there. his body was ice cold from being kept in a refrigerator. my cold dead son. father of a 10 month boy. grandson to 3 living grand parents. step-brother to 2. half brother to 3 son to 2 living parents and a step parent that helped raise him since he was a young child. all completely devastated. well little asher is too young to know what is going on but will live his life wondering what it would be like to know his dad. as many of you know jeramie was pretty open about his relationship with LSD. he was a little more quiet about his love for Dextromethorphan. despite the begging and pleading from me and many others in his family he craved the trip and was obsessed about it…………look i know that not everybody that takes drugs is going to die from it. but many do. jeramie thought he had it under control. he thought he was smarter than the drug and had more control than the drug. now he is in a refrigerator in a funeral home in englewood. now people are in transit from all across this country to say their final goodbye’s. now my family has to spend over $5000 in funeral expenses. now i will never be able to hike with him or ride dirt bikes with him. he will never be able to take his son camping………….those of you that use just for a little fun here and there. you don’t have to use but you like to party a little. think for a second about how there are those around you with larger mental issues. like jeramie, he was carrying some mental baggage that even i can’t comprehend. by partying with these people you encourage them and enable them to do it to use drugs as an escape. that is the every last thing people like this need. these people need actual help. these people need encouragement to heal in healthy ways. they need to feel genuine love and uplifting encouragement not encouragement to get high again. think about the influence you have on these people. think about the path of destruction being left behind…….people, learn from this. help make something positive from this tragedy. walk away from this lifestyle. find someone that loves you and ask them for help. don’t let this become you. don’t do this to your family. use our pain and anguish. learn from it. turn to someone you love. get help. if you do not have some you think you can turn to message me. i’ll do all in my power to help you. it’s not too late to save yourself and your family from repeating this horror. believe me when i say you do not want to experience this and you do not want your loved ones to have to experience this anguish.
In a live news report on WHIO, his father shared the reason he spoke our about about his son,”I did it out of grief and guilt, and a feeling that it is his fault his son is dead.”“I’ll spend the rest of my days on this earth racking my brain trying to figure out what I should have done differently,” he said.

Jeramie stollings Over dose a year ago.The reporter said, the photos have been reported to Facebook.

Let’s get real

The media will not report on drug overdoses. I am sure they are trying to protect the privacy of families on the cause of death during their time of horrible grief.

But, what if families gave their permission?


What if the reality of what how drugs harm you was more widespread?

Living in Saline I know several families that have lost children to drugs. Heroin is an epidemic in Saline, Washtenaw County, Michigan and nation.

The same thing happens when reporting on brain death. You NEVER read about it in the U.S. Most of my success stories written about on this blog are from European Countries as they will use the term. I have learned to read the paper like this: Accident happened on Friday, pronounced dead on Monday or approximately 3 days later, brain dead.

I respect his parents for coming forward to share about their son’s death as a result of drug abuse. I know it was hard, but his mother stated she has been comforted by the people who have shared their stories and the encouragement they have received.

Their reason for doing so was to expose what is the reality of death by overdose. The post has gone viral with over 22,000 shares. It has hit a nerve with people. They are very courageous people.

I will pray for them that they will be comforted. I will pray for them that they will not blame themselves.

As they say in Al-Anon, “you didn’t cause it, you can’t control it and you can’t cure it.”

Addiction is a disease.

As his dad said, his son thought he had it under control. He did not. No one does.


***Jeramie’s father gave permission to post far and wide and that is why I am sharing.***