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Gift of Life sues because they didn’t get the organs of Elijah Dillard

Elijah Dillard

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Feb 25-27, Elijah Dillard was burned over one fifth of his body.

Feb 28 Hurley Medical Center in Genesee County, notified Gift of Life of a potential organ donor.They are required to do so by federal law.

March 1, Elijah Dillard was pronounced brain dead.

Gift of Life went to Hurley Medical Center in Genesee County and got permission from the mother to donate her child’s organs. She is now also indicted on child abuse.

Saginaw police objected to organ donation without an examination by the medical examiner so they could investigate the crime and injuries to the child’s body.

Saginaw police got a court order to stop the donation until an autopsy could be performed. The medical examiner Dr. Kanu Virani felt the organs needed to be tested to see if the organs were viable and suitable for donation. The police wanted to investigate the crime.


Gift of Life sues because there was a delay in being able to get Elijah’s organs.

In a complaint filed March 18 in Saginaw County Circuit Court, Ann Arbor attorney Thomas Bourque claims Medical Examiner Kanu Virani violated state law that required him to perform an autopsy on Elijah “in a timely manner” that permitted his organs, tissues and eyes to remain viable for transplant.

Gift of Life, CEO, Richard Pietroski told the Saginaw news his organization does not stand in the way of justice BUT….”people die every day from lack of transplantation. ”

Gift of Life, Director of Communications Tim Makinen said, “It’s an absolute tragedy for this child, and we want justice for whoever did this to this boy, BUT….we have over 3,300 people waiting for a transplant in Michigan and some are children.”

It’s all in the BUT….they don’t really care about this child who has a name Elijah Dillard. All they care about is he is brain dead and they want his organs.

Now Gift of Life has sued…yes sued Dr. Kanu Virani because he was obeying a court order from the District Court Judge Randall Jurrens which prohibited organ removal until an autopsy could be performed.


Gift of Life is suing based on what is called Kyle Ray Horning’s Law

Read the law

The medical examiner who performs autopsies for Saginaw County believes Gift of Life Michigan is too aggressive in pursuing organs for donation, and it’s making it difficult for him to do his job.

“They do not want to take no for an answer anymore, and that’s where the problem comes in,” said Dr. Kanu Virani. “I think they want me out of the way so they can take any body for organ donations.”

Dr Kanu Virani has resigned due to Gift of Life.

In the past Dr. Virani has approved Gift of Life’s request 100’s of time. The one time under a court order from Saginaw Police he doesn’t he is sued by Gift of Life.

Greed, plain and simple.

Thanks for showing your true color’s Gift of Life of Michigan. You want to harvest those organs no matter what, don’t ya?


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