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Family Believes Girls Organ’s May Have Been Sold

This story has been on NBC News today. It is the story about the daughter of a family from Birmingham, England. Gurkiren Kaur, 8, died moments after a doctor treating her for dehydration in India’s Punjab region gave her an injection, according to her family.

They had gone to the state-owned hospital in Punjab, India as she was dehydrated. After being given an injection at a clinic, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she quickly became unresponsive, her parents said.

When the girl’s body arrived back in the U.K., a British coroner called Gurkiren’s parents to say it was missing the organs needed to investigate her cause of death, the parents said. It is common practice in Britain for an autopsy to be carried out in U.K. on citizens who die overseas.

Where are the Organs?

Narinder Kooner, Birmingham England City Councillor is investigating the case said, “It does happen in India, and since this case was first reported we have been contacted by other families who say their relatives have died and had organs removed without an explanation.”

The parents of Gurkiren have not been able to find out what was in the injection which they say they didn’t want, only saline to help with the dehydration.

Her mother Amrit, who is a postal worker, told ITV News asked the doctors, “I said, ‘What is the injection for? She doesn’t need an injection she just needs a saline drip for half an hour or 45 minutes.’ He didn’t answer me at all he just gave me a blank look and totally ignored me and just inserted the needle into a syringe and as soon as he pushed it in her neck flipped backwards.

Gurkiren Kaur’s body was cremated but how she died, where her organs are and why they were taken is still unclear.

Gurkiren’s medical records were disposed of and the family were not asked to pay for the blood tests, drip or the injection she received.

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