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Sunday with a God First post choose Life and Truth

I am starting each week with a God First post on Sunday’s. This week I am focusing on two scriptures that deal with both life and truth.

1) When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all truth” John 16:13 

This has been my prayer for this blog, that people reading would understand the lie and deception on the “theory of brain death”. The Spirit is the Holy Spirit that speaks to our hearts and guides us into all truth.

In Latin, the words res ipsa loquitur means “the truth speaks for itself”.

I have found through my many years of being on planet earth that it is impossible to convince anyone of anything. Believe me raising five kids I have tried. However, I have also learned that there is no defense against the truth.

2) I have set before you life and death,blessings and curse.Choose therefore life, that both you and your seed may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19.

Hippocratic OathChoosing life in this culture is getting more and more difficult. The Hippocratic Oath has been reduced to a simple phrase “do no harm”. Actually the Hippocratic Oath is a rather long, life-giving statement that guided physicians and medical ethics well for hundreds of years. At graduation In our Western culture physicians would say the oath swearing to practice medicine ethically and honestly.

Now the Hippocratic Oath is no longer used at medical school graduation. Did you know this?

I did not.

What happened? 

In my opinion we have embraced moral autonomy, relativism and become a culture of death.

Autonomy simply says, I can do anything with or to myself that I want. I am so free that I can destroy my human nature. I am my own person. I will decide when I die. Notice the I’s?

Now there is nothing wrong with autonomy, we are free individuals. However,relativism has crept into our culture where there is no absolute truth or moral values. We are on a slippery slope and without a moral compass we have lost our way.

In medical ethics,there are times the patient and doctor may not agree on the same course of action. If the patient is incapacitated, or unconscious, it falls on the family to make those life decisions. In our case with Jamie we were not allowed more time for his brain swelling to go down or for a “miracle”. We were given one day after he was pronounced “brain dead” to take him off life support or donate his organs. And this was after a meeting with the Ethic’s Committee representative.

Because traditional morals and ethics have changed, ”quality of life” is now the accepted norm in our society. We have forgotten that LIFE is a miraculous gift. We did not ask to be born. My children are my grandest gift from God and there is not a day that I am not thankful for them.


The greatest things we receive in life are gifts, we don’t earn them.

Love is a gift… you can buy it.

Life is a gift…you didn’t ask for it.

God’s grace is a gift…we don’t earn it or deserve it.

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